Document Management Software that Drives Profit.

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ArgonDigital helps enterprises leverage the right document management software to build cohesive content management solutions.

Management wants a secure and consistent document management software across the enterprise. Your employees want a modern and intuitive document management system. We help deliver both.

Document Management Software as a Profit Driver

Stop being seen as a cost center that struggles to demonstrate its value and be a part of increasing revenue by virtue of leveraging a more efficient document management solution.

Siloed Information is Now Accessible to Everyone

Eliminate the bottlenecks, delays, and issues associated with working from incorrect and/or outdated documents by housing all your vital information in one place.

Audit Proof Compliance

Today’s document management software solutions ensure that your governance policies are in force and rock solid… automatically!

Information is Secure

Ensure your client data and proprietary company information is properly secured and protected from costly data breaches.

What to expect when deploying a document management solution with ArgonDigital.

At ArgonDigital, we’ll help you identify the best software solution for your unique needs and implement a rock solid content management system to ensure you are delivering an amazing experience to each and every one of your customers. Imagine not being thought of as a necessary cost center and instead being the glue that holds your back-office operations together so your company can grow!

With us, you’ll look at how your document management solution can be designed to best service your customers, while also being secure, unified, and governed by the necessary business rules.

Reach out, and together we can dig into your information management challenge and map out the best solution for your business’s needs.

The Right Document Management Software Allows you to...

Assess Your Existing Systems and How Your Team​ is Using Them

Establishing a clear understanding of your current processes allows us to re-imagine and engineer the right solution for your business.



First, we get in alignment with what your business is trying to achieve and identify what is stopping that from happening.



Next, we speak with all involved roles and really begin to understand what the current processes look like and why.


Then, we look at all of the systems currently in place. We identify all of the data being sent and received at each step.


To align everyone, we put our findings into visual models. This way everybody can understand the findings and give feedback.

Document Management Software Enhancements

ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

SmartSort for Alfresco Share

SmartSort for Alfresco. The Same Alfresco, only Smarter. Manage common requests for automated folder creation, as well as document naming and filing WITHOUT customization! Get …

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ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

Productivity Bundle for Alfresco Share

Amp up your Alfresco Productivity The Alfresco Share interface gets an upgrade with the Productivity Bundle. Make your experience with Alfresco better, faster, and more …

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ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

Document Indexing Module for Alfresco Share

RAPID INDEXING WITH ALFRESCO SHARE Improve your organization’s efficiency in Alfresco with our Alfresco Document Indexing Module. Get Started Distributed File Loading and Indexing Eliminate …

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We love aligning great companies with the right document management solutions.

Technologies we love to work with.

We research, we experiment, and we only partner with best-in-class document management technologies, like…

See how you can craft a document management solution that manages your digital assets in a way that is protected, governed, and easy to use.

Case Study: Government Agency Selects ECM Platform

A state-wide government agency that manages investment of state funds needed a content management solution to replace an existing file share solution that allowed integrations like Salesforce and workflow around the documents.


Best-in-Class Document Management Software

At ArgonDigital, we understand that you need your IT solutions to be solid, organized, and efficient so that your teams can focus on new business initiatives. To do that, you need to deliver solutions that actually solve your stakeholders problems, apply governing policies, and mitigate any potential security risks.

The problem is that much of your information is likely siloed in diverse and growing sets of technologies, often on antiquated platforms… something we often refer to as outdated ‘legacy systems’. Heck, it’s not uncommon within large enterprises for departments to implement their own shadow IT system over which you have no control. This probably feels scary and overwhelming because everyone ought to feel like they have the tools they need to do their job, including you!

We understand how defeating it is to have implemented a variety of systems in an effort to support your employees needs, only to have everyone continue to complain that they can’t find what they need, it’s hard to use, or it just doesn’t work. That’s where we come in. We help you build a cohesive document management solution that will put execs at ease and stop wasting your employees’ time.

So, where do you start?

Schedule a conversation with one of our information architects to review your current challenges, and together we’ll build out the right content management solution for your business.

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Frequently Asked Document Management Software Questions

These will vary by business and we’d always want to understand your requirements. But here are some likely candidate features to look for:

  • Document Management
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Data Asset Management (DAM)
  • Business Process Automation
  • Document Archiving
  • Intelligent Capture
  • Migrations
  • Collaboration
  • Governance
  • Metadata classification
  • Together, we discuss high-level fit, and we’ll tell you if we don’t think we’re a fit.
  • We align on a content management services vision for your business goals.
  • We product manage what’s most important in your solution, architect your solution using our existing IP and lessons learned, and layout implementation plans costs.
  • We ruthlessly prioritize and project manage the project so you have no surprises, and so you know what’s been done, what’s coming, and what it costs.
  • Then we measure ROI once it’s live and course correct.
First of all, a content services or enterprise content management project isn’t something you set up and walk away from. Someone has to maintain it to continue to support users in it. That said, it’ll take a few weeks to months to get it in place initially. The duration is highly dependent on whether you have one more existing systems you are replacing or hooking into, how much content you have in current systems, or how much paper you have that you want to digitize.  but you will most certainly find that after using it, you will identify new questions you want to answer in the data – and so you’ll continue to evolve the data sources and how you use them.
This clearly depends on the platform and features you need. You might need a full blown ECM platform to replace your current siloed information architecture or you might need a lightweight solution that integrates to your existing solutions as one single source of truth, without migrating the historic information. You might even have one already and just need to move content into it. It truly depends. The cost of implementing your solution is directly related to the complexity. You also need to plan for ongoing maintenance and modifications to your solution, as the business stakeholders identify new information silos they want incorporated or new governance policies they want implemented. Reach out and we’ll help better estimate that for you, as well as what it will take to get it up and running.