ArgonDigital Culture - Who We Are

We value our people. Through fostering a culture of continual learning and growth, our people know, encourage and invest in one another. And, while we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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Our Culture is Based on Our Values

We encourage everyone to live a life they love. Therefore, we want to know what you value in your life and want to help make sure you are living true to that.

At the core of our culture is the belief that we do the right thing. We do that with new clients, we do that with old clients, and we do it with our people.

We honor our commitments. You can be confident, if we make a mistake we will own it and fix it.

Both individually and collectively, we are constantly striving to make our stakeholders delighted. We do that by intentionally focusing on making them referenceable and leading them to be wildly successful.

  • Life - We encourage everyone to live the life they love

  • Integrity - We honor our commitments and we value open communication and intellectual honesty

  • Focus on Stakeholders - Our mission is to make our stakeholders wildly successful

  • Excellence - We constantly strive to improve
Celebrating our culture at happy hour
January 2019

Our Culture Builds Mentors and Leaders

       Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. - Helen Keller

Studies show that happiness is directly related to achieving personal and professional goals. And, we truly want to see our people happy. For this reason, we are dedicated to the success and strength of our mentorship program. ArgonDigital mentors are trusted advisors, ultimately chosen by the mentee, to help the mentee live the life they love. The mentor/mentee relationship focuses on goal setting, actionable steps, work-life balance, personal strengths, and areas for growth. But ultimately, this relationship is defined by you so that you can get the most out of it.

Mentors intentionally build rapport with their mentee(s) through discovering common ground. Conversations often involve diving deeper into the interests, passions, and dreams of the mentee. Honest connection is built through sharing lessons learned, experiences had, and hopes for the future.

We take our commitment to this program seriously and not only support but encourage regular mentor meetings.

Our Culture Supports a Clear Path to Promotion

Working remotely affords us the luxury of finding top talent from all over the country. As a result, we know we have the best of the best and it’s important to us that our people continue to grow throughout their tenure at ArgonDigital.

Our Career Skills Matrix (CSM) creates a clear path to promotion. Our people don't have to wait for their manager to “tap them” or wait for an annual performance review. From day one, the CSM helps clarify what is expected in a given role. In addition, it also acts as a guide - laying out the skill one is expected to learn, execute, or train others on - in order to be promoted.

Our team supports one another being promoted
Celebrating our culture by being together

Our Culture Drives Unity

Our culture is centered around the belief that to be an effective team, we have to know, encourage, and invest in each other. And, one of the best ways to do that, is to have fun together!

For this reason, we gather regularly for virtual meet-ups where we learn about things like ranching, 18th-century smugglers, and even antimicrobial resistance. Our people lead fascinating lives outside of work and we love learning about their experiences, hobbies, and passions.

In addition, once a month we hold our small-group lunches. This is our opportunity to relax and spend time with people we might not normally see day-to-day. Maintaining a sense of community is a top priority and we always look forward to these special Fridays.

Because we work remotely, our time together - in person - is extra special and we work to make this happen several times throughout the year. Whether it’s an evening at a Round Rock Express baseball game in the spring, our annual party barge in late summer, or our annual afternoon of service at the Central Texas Food Bank in the fall, we place particular value on this time together.