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Create a marketing engine to dramatically increase your B2B Ecommerce sales.

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ArgonDigital helps B2B enterprises leverage marketing automation to increase ecommerce site traffic and sales.

With marketing automation customers see on average a 92% increase in deals closed-won and a 41% increase in deal close rate after the first year.

Increase Marketing ROI

On average, customers experience a 181% increase in website traffic and 159% increase in inbound leads.

Increase Sales ROI

On average, customers experience a 92% increase in deals closed-won and a 41% increase in deal close rate.

Simplify Your Marketing Tools and Data - in One Place!

Save time and interpret valuable data to provide a personalized experience that attracts and converts the right customers.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Connect With Prospects

Start conversations, deepen relationships, and manage your pipeline from anywhere! You can even integrate and sync HubSpot with your Salesforce instance.

What to expect when deploying a marketing automation solution with ArgonDigital.

At ArgonDigital, we’ll help you implement the best marketing automation technology to increase traffic and sales on your ecommerce site. Consider a world in which you don’t have to worry about whether customers can find your products amongst the competitive noise of the internet!

With a little technology and guidance, we can help drive new leads to your ecommerce site, convert them to sales, and free up your sales team to focus on relationship sales.

Reach out and together we can dig into your current marketing analytics to determine the best strategy to increase your leads and conversions.

Marketing Automation to Increase Leads to Your Ecommerce Site

How many potential customers are you missing out because they don’t even know about you?

Marketing Automation
Define buyer personas

Define buyer personas.

Be crystal clear about who your buyers are.

build awareness

Build Awareness

Show credibility ads where your potential buyers are so they start to become familiar with your brand.

serve optimized ads

Serve Optimized Ads

Show ads focused on driving sales in front of good candidate buyers.

capture visitors

Capture Visitors

Deploy lead capture features on your ecommerce site.

A Marketing Automation Case Study

At Quantum Nutrition Labs and Premier Research Labs, they use Google, Facebook, and other marketing technologies to increase traffic to their ecommerce site, shifting sales online so their sales reps can focus on higher-value phone calls.

Marketing Automation Intellectual Property

ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

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ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

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We love helping great companies partner with great technology.

Marketing Automation Technologies We Love to Work With

We research, we experiment, and sometimes we even partner with cool technologies like these.

See more examples of how you can increase visitors to your online store, even in a competitive marketplace.

Case Study: Grow Manufacturing Ecommerce with Part Numbers

Fluitek asked ArgonDigital to help them grow their ecommerce sales and saw tremendous results using Google Shopping and part number searches.

Old tree with Sunshine

Positive Vibes Only

Some years ago, I volunteered with an environmental non-profit organization. It wasn’t long before I was helping out with a couple of committees, one of

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Drive Online Sales with Marketing Automation

In order to be brand leaders in your industry, you need maximum visibility and a loyal base of customers. To be that, you need a marketing engine that consistently delivers a positive ROI.

However, there’s a problem. Your customers are inundated with information from you and your competitors, which might get in the way of them doing business with you. 

We don’t want you to feel like their hands are tied because they cannot efficiently sell their products to their target audience. And, we understand how it feels to not even know which platforms to use, let alone how to use them in a rapidly advancing space. That’s why ArgonDigital brings a technically sophisticated team to help our clients build a marketing engine that will increase ecommerce sales.

Here’s how it works – click the button below to schedule a call with one of our marketing automation experts to review your current situation (we’d love to look at your technology directly). Together, we’ll determine if we are the right fit to help you. Then we will help you define your desired outcomes, create a marketing vision, and develop a solution to deliver it. When your solution is launched, we’ll report on the success in an ongoing fashion so you can know what to tweak.

All of this, so that you can stop losing your customers to your competitors – who are using digital marketing – and start exceeding your digital marketing revenue KPIs.

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