Build a B2B ecommerce site that will grow your online revenue.

Selecting a B2B Ecommerce Platform?
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ArgonDigital helps B2B businesses sell online instead of relying on old-school relationships to drive sales.

Regardless of the b2b ecommerce objectives your business is striving to achieve, from manufacturing and distribution to muti-lingual and HIPAA compliant, our team has the insight and experience to deploy the best b2b ecommerce solution for your needs.

Build a New B2B Ecommerce Site

Design and build a high-converting b2b ecommerce site to sell your catalog of products online.

Upgrade Your Ecommerce Site

Enhance or upgrade your existing Magento or BigCommerce site to drive additional sales.

Digitize a Large Product Catalog

Build a scalable B2B ecommerce site to sell 1M+ unique part numbers and products.

Design a Better Buying Experience

Evaluate and correct conversion blocks in the existing shopping experience of your site.

What to expect when building or enhancing a B2B ecommerce site with ArgonDigital.

At ArgonDigital we’ll help you build a b2b ecommerce site that will grow your online revenue. Imagine not worrying about your competition because your customers are so loyal to your brand, even when they buy online!

With us, you’ll free up your sales team to go after the biggest orders, increase your peace-of-mind through secure infrastructure, and reduce friction for your operations teams.

Reach out and together we can dig into your business challenge to determine the best path to increase your online revenue.

Build a New B2B Ecommerce Site.

How many customers are your competitors stealing because they are selling to your customers where you aren’t?

remarket to leads

Design for ROI

Build a high-ROI ecommerce site to sell your products online.

Digitize a Massive Catalog

Build a scalable site to sell a million products.

Simplify the Buying Experience

Make it easy for shoppers to buy.


Launch With Security

Deploy technology stacks to avoid catastrophic security breaches.

See how Texas Supplements leveraged Magento to reach a new demographic of buyers and reduce low-value calls to sales reps.

B2B Ecommerce Enhancements Created by ArgonDigital

Magento 2 CMS Content Sync Utility

CMS Content Sync Utility For Magento 2 Avoid the time-consuming and fragile task of copy and pasting CMS pages, blocks and all their dependencies from …

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Purchase Order Automation

Automate your purchase order process Digitize incoming purchase orders and automatically create pre-populated quotes and orders directly in your ecommerce store. Get Started Purchase Order …

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Transactional Email Tester for Magento 2

Better emails, better results Easily test Magento transactional emails so you can be confident that you’re sending exactly what you want your customers to see …

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Discount Tester for Magento

Stop Losing Money on Sales! Easily test all of your Magento price rules so you can be confident they’re correct Get Started Fine Tune Your …

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CSR Order Entry App

Streamlined Order Entry Allow your customer service representatives to efficiently create orders outside of your Magento store. Optimize your Magento order entry process so your …

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We love helping great companies partner with great technology.

Technologies We Love to Work With

We research, we experiment, we test, and we partner with proven technologies like…

See how one fabric manufacturer upgraded their b2b ecommerce platform to transform their business and drive sales.

Case Study: Britex Fabrics

Britex Fabrics asked ArgonDigital to upgrade them to Magento 2 to deal with catastrophic security breaches.

It’s a Matter of Trust

The combination of pandemic and moving to a rural community has increased the amount of shopping I do online, but even before those events I found myself depending more and

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Thoughts from SAMA

I was recently able to attend the San Antonio Manufacturers Association Trade Show & Conference (SAMA). Like all live events I have had the pleasure to attend this year, the

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Increase Revenue by Selling Online

In order to grow your business through online sales, you need to sell your products where your buyers want to buy them, and with an experience that aligns to their way of purchasing.

The frustrating problem is that your sales reps may be excellent at building customer rapport to drive sales, but that’s not how future buyers want to buy. We believe no one should have to deal with feeling like their hands are tied because they cannot efficiently sell their products to their target audience. We also understand how it feels to and not be able to scale to all the channels where customers are buying because selling online is overwhelming.

That’s why we bring a technically sophisticated team to help our clients build their B2B ecommerce sites, with a focus on features that will drive online revenue quickly and consistently. At the end of the day, your success is our success, so we stop at nothing to be the best full stack b2b ecommerce agency anywhere.

To get started, schedule a conversation with one of our ecommerce experts to review your business and discuss your sales objectives. From there, we’ll help you identify the necessary requirements to achieve your desired outcomes, as well as create a detailed scope of work and a development roadmap to bring your ecommerce vision to life. When your b2b ecommerce site is launched, we’ll be measuring the success of it every step of the way.

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