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We are a best-in-class B2B ecommerce development, workflow automation, enterprise content management, and data & analytics firm.

The Leading Resource for B2B Ecommerce Solutions, Marketing & Worflow Automation, and Content Management Tools

Whether you’re looking to setup or improve your B2B ecommerce platform, integrate a robust workflow and/or marketing automation solution, or configure the right document management solution for your business, you can trust our 20+ years of experience to help make today’s technology your strategic advantage!

Ecommerce Setup & Enhancements

Marketing & Workflow Automation

Enterprise Content Management

Build a B2B Ecommerce Site that Drives Revenue... a LOT of it!

Build a new B2B ecommerce site
Build a high-ROI ecommerce site to sell your products 24/7/365

Upgrade an existing B2b ecommerce site
Enhance or upgrade what you already have to increase sales and repeat purchases

Digitize a massive product catalog
Build a scalable site to sell 1M+ products

Design a simplified buying experience
Evaluate and fix conversion blocks in the shopping experience

Sell where your customers want to buy
Sell your products in marketplaces outside of your own ecommerce site

Use the right platform and the right enhancements
> Magento (Adobe Commerce)
> BigCommerce
> Transactional Email Tester
> Marketing Automation (HubSpot)
> Ecommerce Health Monitoring
> …and more!

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Create a Marketing Engine to Increase Your B2B Ecommerce Sales

Run digital ad campaigns
Leverage the right ad platforms to attract the best leads

Automate email marketing
Nurture and convert leads with A/B tested emails

Refresh your messaging
Identify the right keywords to support SEO and audience targeting

Automate your marketing
Minimize human error and increase productivity

Measure outcomes
Monitor real-time campaign results and adapt quickly & efficiently

Dive Deeper Into Marketing Automation

Leverage the Right Content Management Solution to Improve Efficiency

ArgonDigital helps enterprises whose back office and document management systems are outdated and out of control build a cohesive information management solution that is secure and easy to scale.

Collaborate and Control
Enable collaboration and governance across your content silos

Migrate and Modernize
Migrate from and outdated information management system to the latest enterprise content management technology

Classify and Capture
Intelligently extract data and value from unstructured documents and handwritten notes

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