Our History

Our team has been making stakeholders wildly successful by helping them make technology a strategic advantage for over 20 years!

Our History as Trainers

Unifying Our Brand

Although our history began way back in the late 90's, it wasn’t until November 2021 that we unified our brands into a new entity now known as ArgonDigital. While Seilevel, Blue Fish Group, and Requirements Experts all operated and coexisted as separate businesses over the past few years, this started to get a little confusing to our stakeholders. For this reason, we decided to bring ALL of our amazing team members - who love to partner with amazing clients - under one umbrella. As a result, Seilevel, Blue Fish Group, and Requirement Experts merged to form the technology leader we're known as today- ArgonDigital.

Unifying to ArgonDigital

The History of Seilevel

Seilevel was founded in 2000 and quickly became the industry expert in business analysis, requirements gathering and elicitation, and requirements facilitation and traceability. By 2003, Seilevel’s Requirements Methodology was developed.

This methodology emphasizes defining the business objective for a given product. Furthermore, it incorporates visual models to help guide each project towards successful implementation. Subsequently, the Seilevel product management team is well known for its ability to identify items that have the most impact. Products with the highest-payoff feature sets are developed as a direct result.

In addition, armed with proven RML® models, the Seilevel team ensures project success, delivering business value, reducing defects, cutting unnecessary scope, and increasing end-user adoption. With this ability, Seilevel is not limited to solely providing hands-on design and management of software requirements. We are the experts throughout the entire development lifecycle. All the while, offering strategic training and mentoring for outside requirements teams.

Furthermore, from this methodology came the well-known book,
Visual Models for Software Requirement – co-authored by Anthony Chen (President of ArgonDigital) and Joy Beatty (COO of ArgonDigital) in 2012.

The History of Blue Fish Group

Blue Fish Group was also established in 2000. Its founder set out with the intention of helping companies transition to a cohesive information management solution. Still true today, our team focuses on collaboration and control across content silos through migration and modernization. While originally focused on deploying Documentum, Blue Fish Group ultimately expanded its expertise to include additional document management solutions, such as Alfresco, CrafterCMS, and M-Files.

“Around the same time I started Seilevel, my friend, Michael Trafton, founded Blue Fish Group, which has helped some of the world’s most successful companies design, develop, and deploy mission-critical technology solutions.” – Anthony Chen, President of ArgonDigital

Ultimately, Blue Fish Group’s services have grown to include the creation and management of software requirements to the strategic training and mentoring of their clients’ requirements teams.

The talented Blue Fish Group team joined Seilevel in 2018, and along with their people, came two decades of industry expertise and experience.


Our History Blue Fish Group
Requirements Experts

The History of Requirements Experts

Requirements Experts has been developing and delivering practical requirements definition and management training solutions since 1993. The company’s primary mission was to improve the quality of products being produced through the building teams’ skill sets. More specifically, Requirements Experts focused on teaching comprehensive and extensive elicitation and facilitation training, requirements definition and management, requirements visualization, and writing performance-based statements of work to be applied in-house.

Undoubtedly, Requirements Experts boasted an impressive list of clients, ranging from governmental agencies and financial institutions, to automotive and aerospace companies. But their, now our, reach doesn’t stop there. We also train well-known energy, medical device, and consumer products companies as well.

Requirements Experts has been dedicated to teaching clients to use the proper requirements tools and techniques. This strategy allows for a measurable and repeatable process, resulting in project success.

In 2018, Requirements Experts was purchased by Seilevel, further elevating our training courses to even greater heights.