Prioritize Features to Only Build the Most Important Ones.

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ArgonDigital helps enterprises clearly define outcomes and use those to drive value in software solutions.

We apply Product Management methodologies on every single project we work on to help you define measurable business objectives and prioritize features to achieve them.

Measurable ROI

Are you frustrated your IT projects can’t demonstrate positive ROI?

Increased Sales

Are you concerned the features you build don’t actually drive revenue?

Better User Adoption

Are you feeling defeated from building IT solutions that users don’t adopt with delight?

Faster Delivery of Value

Are you worried your projects will get canceled because you are spinning in analysis and not actually delivering anything?

What to expect when working with ArgonDigital.

At ArgonDigital, we’ll use product management approaches on every project to help you ensure success for your business. We work with you to elicit what stakeholders think they need, but dig deeper to analyze what requirements will actually add the most value. Imagine if you could cut 30% of your scope and still meet the business goals? 

Working with us, you’ll be able to prioritize the most important features and continue to focus on that to ensure the end product delivers value. Reach out and together we can talk how our product management approach might help you.

Understand stakeholder needs.

Are you eliciting and leading your project teams to identify what matters most to project success?
Product Management
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Identify Stakeholders

Use org charts and other models to identify people to involve.

Select techniques

Select Techniques

Choose elicitation techniques appropriate to the project.

Prepare for Elicitation

Prepare for Elicitation

Develop materials, questions, notes, and research ahead of sessions.

Purposeful Facilitation

Facilitate with Purpose

Proactively lead stakeholders to evolve requirements.

At one F100 client, we helped save a $14M ROI project by drastically cutting scope.

Diagram of cutting scope and increasing ROI.

We literally wrote the book.

Our secret sauce is the product management approach we bring to 100% of our projects. We’ve published two books on product management techniques and contributed to three industry guides. We love sharing what we’ve learned.

Read more about how we've helped others focus solution delivery around value so they can meet their business goals.

Case Study: Agile on a Financial Services Transformation

A large financial systems organization used an agile approach across a multi-year large team to replace a credit system. We used visual requirements models to help make this successful.


Deliver Successful Projects. Every time.

At ArgonDigital, we know you want to regularly knock your business goals out of the park. To do that, you need confidence that you are building the right product that will be adopted and deliver value.

The problem is, your stakeholders may not really be clear about what they need and may be asking for far too many unneeded features. This probably leaves you with a concerning feeling that you are wasting the company’s money (and time) on the wrong things. Frankly, everyone ought to have confidence that their often multi-million dollar investment will ultimately achieve their business goals. In fact, it’s morally wrong for companies to spend the amount of money they do on technology projects, if they can’t be confident in their ROI.

We understand how it feels to be delivering mediocre results and not know how to make them better quickly. That’s why ArgonDigital applies product management expertise to literally every software project we tackle. We help facilitate so your stakeholders are focusing on value throughout.

Here’s how it works – you can set up a call with one of our business architects to talk about your challenges with meeting business objectives today. Together, we’ll determine if we are the right fit to help you. Then we will work with you to define your desired outcomes and develop a strategy to deliver them. When your solution is launched, we’ll even help measure how well you did against your business objectives.

All of this, so that you can stop wasting money on the wrong business initiatives and start hitting your business goals.

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