Better emails, better results

Easily test Magento transactional emails so you can be confident that you're sending exactly what you want your customers to see


Add / Edit New Testing Scenarios

Create a test scenario for any transactional email in your Magento store.

Templates Covered Out-Of-The-Box

Save Email Tests And Easily Run Them

Testing Transactional Emails in the Magento Admin

Save Send-To Data

Add "to", "cc" and "bcc" email addresses so you won't need to provide this information every time you test an email.

Different Templates; Different Recipients

Have different people interested in different store emails? No problem - set up tests so the right parties see the emails that matter to them.

Run Tests on a Schedule

Choose to receive a copy of your transactional email on a schedule. Automate your testing process to make sure that your transactional emails are always looking their best and your customers aren't seeing unforeseen issues.

Test With Real Store Data

Template-specific Data

Select a template and we'll give you object pickers specific to that template. Select the objects you want to use for the test and we'll use those objects each time you test.

Different Data; Different Results

Want to see how one template looks for different orders or customers? Set up multiple tests for the same template using different store data.

Define Test Data and Select an Order

Identify and Provide Custom Data For Each Test

Visualize Data Gaps in Email Templates
Overwrite Content With Custom Data

Using variables in your templates? Easily identify those missing a value when previewing

When editing the test, you can provide custom data to overwrite what is displayed in your template

Save, and see your custom data rendered on your next preview

Fully Integrated Into the Magento Default Template Editor

Edit your transactional emails using the default Magento editor

Select a transactional email template you wish to modify and edit the template in the manner that you would with any other out of the box Magento template.

The ability to modify/run/preview tests is one click away

Our module extends the transactional email editor screen and adds the ability to be able to see the tests you currently have configured against this particular email template. If a test hasn't already been created, easily create it without navigating far.

Manage Tests From Magento Transactional Email Template Editor

Previews Made Easy

Real-time in the Magento Admin

Utilize browser-based preview functionality from within the Magento admin when editing your transactional email templates! Easily rectify styling issues and optimize efficiency by making quick fixes on-the-fly before sending a test email to your inbox. 

Browser Based Email Preview Functionality
OR In Your Own Email Client

Escape the limitations of browser-based template previews. With our module,  you can test using any email client of your choosing! When running a test, either on-demand or via a schedule, a preview of your transactional email will instantly be delivered to your inbox for you to review.

Forget Lorem Ipsum

Easily test any Magento transactional email with actual store data

Add Upsells

Use transactional emails as upsell opportunities and know exactly how those upsells will look

Avoid Surprises. Automatically

Set up scheduled tests to ensure development releases haven't caused broken emails

Multiple Stores? No Problem

Works with multiple Magento stores and views

Frequently asked questions

We’ve tested the Magento Transactional Email Tester with 2.3.x and 2.4.x. The module will work with Open Source and Commerce (including Cloud) versions of Magento.

There is no limit. Save as many tests with as many templates as you need.

Yes. We offer email-based support Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm CT. If you have any issues with the module, please contact us –

Yes! If you have custom email templates that are backed by custom objects, you can extend the module to work with those templates/objects. Details for doing this are provided in the module’s documentation.

Once you’ve purchased the module from the Magento Marketplace, you can then install the module via Composer with your Marketplace credentials:

composer require argondigital/transactional-email-tester:<latest version number>

Be sure to run through the typical Magento setup upgrade and compilation scripts when done installing the module.

Start Sending Better Emails Now

You can now purchase our Transactional Email Tester for Magento 2 on the Magento Marketplace. Or, feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we’d be happy to chat!