Amp up your Alfresco Productivity

The Alfresco Share interface gets an upgrade with the Productivity Bundle, specifically designed to make your experience with Alfresco better, faster, and more efficient

Alfresco Librarian

A document management system isn’t very useful if the content inside is hidden from view. Our Librarian for Alfresco can automatically keep your content organized and classified so that it’s easy to find. It automates tedious manual tasks so that your users don’t have to.

Alfreso Actions Library

The world just got simpler with the Alfresco Actions Library! This extension of the document actions currently available within Alfresco Share gives you more robust and streamlined options for completing tasks. No more headaches!

Mult-Select Edit Properties

Allows users to multi-select a group of documents and edit a property (or multiple properties) for all of those documents at the same time, in a single action. Also includes a “search and replace” widget for bulk update of only selected values within multi-value attributes.

Multi-Select Content & Metadata Export

Allows users to multi-select a group of documents and export these documents to a zip file in a single action. Also includes the option to include a corresponding .html file for each document that includes a detailed report of all metadata (including any custom attribute fields) for that particular document.

Alfresco Control Library

Not all the world is a nail, and sometimes a hammer just won’t do. The same is true in the world of attribute “pickers”. This new collection of metadata entry and search widgets extends the functionality previously available with Alfresco Share, making it much easier to work with pickers backed by large data sets.

Data-List Backed Picker

Select a data-list and we'll populate the picker based on those values. Allow the business to maintain the list of available values without requiring code updates.

Database Backed Picker

Data stored in external database? No problem - configure the system to point at an external data source and know that your available values are always up-to-date.

Type-ahead Attribute Picker

Too many possibilities to scroll? Start typing and the picker will automatically filter the possible selections based on text entered.

Alfresco Power Search

Alfresco Share’s already powerful search capabilities just got even better! Alfresco Power Search is a set of user interface search enhancements that allows users to spend less time looking for information and more time putting it to use.

Targeted Search

Allows users to search within only a specific folder or group of sub-folders. Can be used to limit results within the document library, or from within search results themeselves.

Fetch "Next Set" of Results

Search results are typically limited to a (configurable) number of results. This enhancement allows users to select the “next set” of results to continue to step through the entire result set.

Multi-Select Actions from Search Results

From the Search or Advanced Search results screen, allows users to multi-select documents and then perform bulk actions from the Alfresco Actions Library.

Frequently asked questions

The Productivity Bundle is currently available for Alfresco Content Services Community and Enterprise 5.2.x through 6.2.x. If you are interested in support for ACS 7.x, please drop us a line and we can update you when support becomes available.

Yes. We offer email-based support Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm CT. If you have any issues with the module, please contact us –

Once we have a license agreement in place you will be provided with both installation AMPs, as well as a sample AMP and configuration guide for setting up the productivity bundle. Professional services are also available if desired for an additional fee.

Get Started with a Free Demo

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