Improve your organization’s efficiency in Alfresco with our Alfresco Document Indexing Module.

Distributed File Loading and Indexing

Eliminate the need to rely on centralized systems, especially in this current “decentralized office” panorama. Your electronic documents can be automatically put into easy-to-use indexing queues, regardless of how they are loaded into Alfresco.

The Alfresco Document Indexing Module Allows You to...
Get More Value From Your Existing Systems

Apply Metadata Properties Quickly and Easily

Rapid Indexing

See a preview of the document image on the same screen as the metadata fields. Enter the required data, hit save, and you are automatically taken to the next item in the queue. Documents are automatically renamed and filed into the appropriate place within your repository.

Flexible Indexing Queue Definition

Indexing queues can be defined based upon folder path, missing metadata attributes, or even saved as templates based upon the current user. With the Alfresco Document Indexing Module, the choice is yours!

Dynamic Sub-Folder Filtering

For those indexing queues defined based upon a folder location, users can add sub-folders, as well as filter the queue based upon those items automatically. No configuration changes are required.

Amp Up the Tools in Your Alfresco Toolbox

Index More than just Scanned Documents

Index documents loaded via FTP, IMAP, or even those manually loaded in bulk. You can also use your existing scanners and load directly into the Alfresco repository using the WebDAV protocol.

Create Custom Document Metadata

You likely already create your own data entry forms to tailor metadata to your business needs. You can re-use the same metadata form you use for 'Editing Metadata', or you can create a different custom indexing form if desired.

Tailor Indexing Queues to Your Business Needs

Point a queue at a specific folder to process all documents within a folder, or within all of the nested sub-folders. Or pull documents from multiple folders into a single queue location. If you can define a query for it, you can configure it!

Perform Workflow Actions While Indexing

Automatically approve (or reject!) documents right as you index them. Turn a multi-step process into a single quick action. 

personalized queues

Configure dynamically generated, personalized queues based on the logged in user.

Right Size Solution

Gain efficiency with a solution priced right for the scale of your problem.


Identify and quickly correct documents that are missing required metadata.


Works with multiple sites and multiple departments. Your documents are still secure.

Frequently asked questions

The Document Indexing Module is currently available for Alfresco Content Services 5.2.x through 6.2.x. If you are interested in support for ACS 7.x, please drop us a line and we can update you when support becomes available.

There is no limit, but the Document Indexing module is typically a good fit when there are 100’s or 1,000’s of documents that you are indexing on a daily basis. If you are looking at a high volume scanning use case, then we should talk about other tools in our toolbox such as Ephesoft Transact.

Yes. We offer email-based support Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm CT. If you have any issues with the module, please contact us directly at support@argondigital.com.

There really is no list – any scanner that can scan to a network folder will work. We leverage out-of-the-box Alfresco functionality to watch that folder and automatically ingest the documents into the appropriate indexing queue. If you are looking at a high-volume scanning use case, then we should talk about other tools in our toolbox such as Ephesoft Transact.

Once we have a license agreement in place you will be provided with both installation AMPs, as well as a sample AMP and configuration guide for setting up your indexing queues. Professional services are also available if desired for an additional fee.

The Document Indexing Module places no limitations on the types of file formats that may be processed. Anything that the Alfresco previewer you are using supports will be supported by the module.

Get Started with a Free Demo

Want to see our Document Indexing Module in action? No problem! Drop us a line and we'll set up a quick meeting so we can demo the module and answer any questions you might have.