Alfresco, only Smarter

Handle common requests for automated folder creation and document naming and filing without customization.

Configuration, Not Code

Alfresco Content Services offers an extremely robust platform for tackling all of your document storage needs. Unfortunately, only a limited set of functionality is exposed as configuration within the UI. In order to set up the sort of automations that make the repository easy to use, a developer often needs to intervene to write scripts or other customizations. With SmartSort you can put these automations fully into the hands of your business analysts. Add new rules or modify existing rules on the fly – no restart required.

Dynamic Folder Structure Generation

Let’s start with the simple act of creating a site and populating a folder structure. For ad-hoc use cases, manually creating folders is probably fine. But what about more structured use cases where all the data you need is already captured in a database? What if you could automatically create a consistent folder structure based on that data? With SmartSort, you can!

Database records drive folder structure

Any Dataset

Easy Site Administration within Alfresco Share

Once a site is added to SmartSort, it can be managed from a central administration console.
SmartSort Admin Console

Database Synchronization

Manage database connection strings and mappings for database fields to Alfresco properties. Set up notification emails for any errors encountered when syncronizing data.

Site Property Management

Properties are persisted in Alfresco as they are created and available immediately for use by all SmartSort actions that have been configured for the site. No Alfresco restart is required.

SmartSort Actions Available in Folder Rules

Use Alfresco's built in Folder Rules to run SmartSort Actions including:

  • Update Document Metadata
  • File Document
  • Revoke Ownership
  • Parse File Name for Metadata
  • Set Metadata from Folder Properties
  • Rename Document

Frequently asked questions

SmartSort is currently available for Alfresco Content Services Community and Enterprise 5.2.x through 6.2.x. If you are interested in support for ACS 7.x, please drop us a line and we can update you when support becomes available.

Yes. We offer email-based support Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm CT. If you have any issues with the module, please contact us –

Once we have a license agreement in place you will be provided with both installation AMPs, as well as a sample AMP and configuration guide for setting up SmartSort. Professional services are also available if desired for an additional fee.

Get Started with a Free Demo

Want to see SmartSort in action? No problem! Drop us a line and we'll set up a quick meeting so we can demo the module and answer any questions you might have.