Build the B2B ecommerce site that will grow your online revenue.

Selecting an Ecommerce Platform?
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ArgonDigital helps B2B enterprises sell online instead of relying on old-school relationships to drive sales.

Your sales reps know your business. But to sell to the buyers of the future, you need to sell the way they want to buy.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Will your previously successful target customers age-out, leaving you with little new customer acquisition?

Increase Conversion Rates

Is your existing site optimized so your customers can buy what they want easily?

Increase Order Value

Will your existing ecommerce site fail to scale to support the increase in online buying?

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

How many customers are your competitors stealing because they are selling to your customers where you aren’t?

What to expect when working with ArgonDigital.

At ArgonDigital, we’ll help you build a B2B ecommerce site that will grow your online revenue. Imagine not worrying about your competition because your customers are so loyal to your brand, even when they buy online!

With us, you’ll free up your sales team to go after the biggest orders, increase your peace-of-mind through secure infrastructure, and reduce friction for your operations teams.

Reach out and together we can dig into your business challenge, determine how to increase your online revenue.

Build a New Ecommerce Site.

How many customers are your competitors stealing because they are selling to your customers where you aren’t?

remarket to leads

Design for ROI

Build a high-ROI ecommerce site to sell your products online.

Digitize a Massive Catalog

Build a scalable site to sell a million products.

Simplify the Buying Experience

Make it easy for shoppers to buy.


Launch With Security

Deploy technology stacks to avoid catastrophic security breaches.

At Texas Supplements, they're using Magento to reach a new demographic of buyers and reduce low-value calls to sales reps.

We love helping great companies partner with great technology.

Technologies We Love to Work With

We research, we experiment, and sometimes we even partner with cool technologies like these.

Read more about how you can sell your products in the digital transformation your buyers are demanding.

Case Study: Britex Fabrics

Britex Fabrics asked ArgonDigital to upgrade them to Magento 2 to deal with catastrophic security breaches.
Website Wireframes

UAT for your Magento Project?

When deploying COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) software such as Magento, “How much should I test in UAT?” is always an interesting question.  After all, you’re buying 3rd party software so that you

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Experience Online Sales Growth

We know you want (dare we say need) to grow your business through online sales. In order to do that, you have to be selling your products from a place that your buyers want to buy and with an experience that aligns to their way of purchasing.

The frustrating problem is that your sales reps are excellent at building customer rapport to drive sales, but that’s not how future buyers want to buy. We believe no one should have to deal with feeling like their hands are tied because they cannot efficiently sell their products to their target audience. We also understand how it feels to and not be able to scale to all the channels where customers are buying because selling online is overwhelming.

That’s why we at ArgonDigital bring a technically sophisticated team to help our clients build their Ecommerce sites, with a focus on features that will drive online revenue fastest. Truly, we lose sleep over the success of your business, long before we lose sleep over our own.

Here’s how it works – you can set up a call with one of our Ecommerce experts to review your current situation. Together, we’ll determine if we are the right fit to help you. Then we will help you define your desired outcomes, create an Ecommerce vision to achieve those, and develop a solution to achieve them. When your Ecommerce site is launched, we’ll be measuring the success of it right alongside you.

All of this, so that you can stop losing your customers to competitors and start being recognized as a digital pioneer in your industry.

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