Author: Betsy Stockdale

Product Management

Using Personas to Manage Change

With every project we undertake, some sort of change will be required in the organization. For example, it could be a small change, such as a new field to use,

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The B2B Buyer of the Future

Historically, companies looked at what the unique identifier was for their businesses. By being unique, this was enough to attract buyers. Uniqueness could be something along the lines of ‘we

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Solve One Problem at a Time

I recently re-watched The Martian, a great movie I recommend to anyone. One lesson I learned from the movie that is also relevant to my work is to solve one

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Pay Attention in Meetings

We live in a very device heavy world these days. You understand, we have our smart phones, laptops, iPads, Apple Watches, etc. We are never disconnected from any form of

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ATX Wave of Transformation

ArgonDigital recently held an event in Austin focusing on driving transformation in organizations.  It was a terrific event; anyone who follows me or ArgonDigital on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook saw

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Negotiating with Stakeholders

One of the toughest aspects of being a product manager or a business analyst is to get people to agree.  Especially when they have different wants,  ideas and opinions on

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