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ArgonDigital recently held an event in Austin focusing on driving transformation in organizations.  It was a terrific event; anyone who follows me or ArgonDigital on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook saw various pictures and comments from the event as it was happening.  I know I learned a lot!

We did livestream the event for those who were not able to attend in person…which means the recording is available to anyone who would like to see it now!  Below is the agenda and an abstract of each of the sessions.  Also noted is where in the recording you can pick up that session.

Phil Gilbert, General Manager for Design, IBM – Keynote Speaker

Restless Reinvention: Transforming organizations to become continual disrupters

Phil Gilbert will share his story and insights on helping turn around one of the world’s oldest and most respected technology companies through human centered design and a willingness to reinvent itself, and how this applies to any company, of any size.

(Starts at 5:19 in the recording)

Miki Hardisty – Principal, Kahale Technology Consulting 

Riding the ‘Solar Coaster’ to Increased Profitability: How Deploying a BPM Solution Transformed our Infrastructure

Adaptability is critical when riding what the energy industry appropriately refers to as the “Solar Coaster.” Miki Hardisty will share her experiences establishing intelligent workflows and introducing a flexible business process management tool resulting in reducing solar construction risk and increasing profits for her company.

(Starts at 1:19:00 in the recording)

Joy Beatty – Vice President, ArgonDigital

It’s an Agile World: Deploying BPM Software at the Speed of Thought

Digital transformation and BPM have become a hot topic in many organizations. Agile methodologies also have gained a lot of traction in recent years. Joy will discuss some of the interesting challenges in applying agile approaches to a BPM deployment and how to overcome them so you can deliver value to your customers quickly.

(Starts at 2:20:00 in the recording)

You can find the recording here.

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