Automate your purchase order process

Digitize incoming purchase orders and automatically create pre-populated quotes and orders directly in your ecommerce store.

Purchase Order Automation Lets You Process Any Purchase Orders From Just About Anywhere

Purchase orders are digitized, processed for metadata, and created as draft orders directly in your ecommerce platform.

Purchase Order Automation Reduces Manual Data Entry

Focus On What's Important

Your team has better things to do than manual data entry that is tedious is often prone to errors

Fly Through Approvals

Automatically process purchase orders and queue them up in a simple approval process prior to being converted into orders

Automatic Approval On High Confidence Purchase Orders

Depending on configurable thresholds, online orders can be placed automatically without manual input from your team

Purchase Orders Come in All Shapes and Sizes, and Through a Variety of Channels

Different Vendors, Different Purchase Order Layouts?

No problem - intelligent data capture recognizes most common PO layouts and will learn new layouts over time

Receive Purchase Orders in Batches

We'll even automatically split multiple orders that are in the same purchase order

Automatically Process Purchase Orders Regardless of How They're Submitted

Email attachments? Check!
Scanned POs? Check!
Uploads to a network drive? Check!
Faxed POs? Let's all get with the times, but okay - Check!

Automated Purchase Order Processing Ensures Confidence in Your Data

Be The Gatekeeper

We'll help reduce data entry, but we also understand that quality matters. So, your team will have an option to review data if the confidence score is lower than a pre-defined threshold

Original Purchase Orders At Your Fingertips

Need to refer back to the original purchase order? No problem! Our Purchase Order Processor keep a scanned image of each PO and allows you to access it directly from the order in your ecommerce admin panel

Automatic Customer Matching

Our Purchase Order Processor will automatically determine the appropriate customer account from your ecommerce solution based on data extracted from the purchase order received


No need to set up servers or install software


From a few purchase orders a day to tens of thousands a month, our solution scales with your needs

Incredibly Fast

Intelligently processes purchase orders within minutes of receiving them

Multiple Input Methods

Process purchase orders from attachments in emails, faxes, scans and network drives

Process Purchase Orders More Efficiently

Submit Purchase Orders for Processing

Send in your purchase orders for automatic processing

We'll do the Heavy Lifting

Our processing solution will extract key details out of each purchase order so you don't need to

Review and Approve

Quickly review all processed purchase orders. Orders are automatically created upon approval

Let's Get Started!

First, tell us about your current ecommerce platform

Now, tell us more about how many POs you manually process in a given month


Perfect for small-to-medium businesses
  • Up to 1,000 PO pages/month
  • Send POs as emails
  • Manual PO approvals


Growing businesses looking to scale quickly
  • Up to 5,000 PO pages/month
  • Same Features as Starter
  • Automatic PO approvals
  • Send POs from network drives, scanners or fax


High-volume processing; complex integrations
  • Over 5,000 PO pages/month
  • Same Features as Pro
  • Integrations with back-end systems like ERPs and CRMs

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Frequently asked questions

We support a wide variety of file formats. The most popular formats are PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and TIFF files.

No problem. We’ll automatically bill at an incremental amount for every additional 100 pages above your tier’s limit.

We do offer an additional service that allows your users and/or customers to scan directly from their mobile devices. Please contact us for more details.

Our intelligent processing engine will be able to find relevant information on a PO, regardless of the layout. If we can’t fully extract the data, your team will be notified where it can manually address the issue. Over time, our engine will learn based on this manual entry so your team won’t need to be bothered on future purchase orders.