How to Win 49% of the Time: A Business Analyst’s Guide to Casino Black Jack (Part 1)

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Unlike most financially responsible individuals, when I find myself in a situation where my legitimate financial means come up short and I need extra cash, instead of cutting back on my budget I often look for new quick (risky?) sources of income. Most of these turn out to be terrible money pits, which eat up more money than they pay out. However, I have found one, where if done correctly can be fun and yield a tidy profit at the same time. I am talking about Black Jack. This is a two-part blog post which will detail everything a complete newbie needs to know in order to profit from the world’s most popular casino game.

This, the first post, is all about the basics from a new business analyst’s perspective. The following process flow diagram and accompanying decision guide spreadsheet contain everything you need to know in order to play the game. They do not however, tell you how to win; only how to win 49% of the time. This is a barebones basic black jack strategy outlined in a detailed L1 process flow diagram that any computer tech genius should be able to follow. This diagram and guide will get you through the basics until the next post which will contain L2 process flows for strategies to improve your odds, and beat the system. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Visual Model | Process Flow Diagram

Not too bad for a beginner, huh? Check back on ArgonDigital’s blog in a few weeks for the Part 2!

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