Call for Participation to REET’10 at RE’10 in Sydney Australia

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This is the 5th  International Workshop on Requirements Engineering Education and Training (REET’10)

The workshop will be held in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 28th September 2010.
This workshop will address issues related to RE education, both as part of a formal university degree and as ongoing skills training within the workplace. The workshop is intended to go much deeper than a surface discussion of curriculum issues and will examine specific ideas and techniques for teaching skills needed by an effective requirements engineer.
The format of REET’10 will be an interactive one focusing on practical ideas and approaches for teaching RE skills and for constructing effective RE curricular. Paper presentations will be used to foster discussion.
Demonstrations of specific teaching techniques and materials will be encouraged. The workshop will conclude with break-out groups working on specific topics such as the initiative for sharing RE resources or discussing RE curriculum and developing appropriate templates.
* 2 August 2010 – Early Registration
* 28 September 2010 – REET’10 Workshop
Workshop co-chairs:
Joy Beatty at
Ljerka Beus-Dukic at

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