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When It's Time to Leverage a Headless CMS...

We’ve written about the pros and cons of headless architecture for your ecommerce site. We’ve found that a common challenge our ecommerce clients face today is the need to deliver personalized digital experiences to their customers across multiple channels and connected device types. When our clients manage a dozen or more websites, the workload quickly becomes unsustainable when leveraging a traditional CMS. When our clients are ready to dive into headless architecture, we often recommend CrafterCMS as the foundation for the website migration.

What Makes CrafterCMS a Great Headless Content Management System?

It's Flexible!

It’s API-driven. This feature allows us to easily connect any other software application (or microservice, data stream, etc.) our clients need to their website.

It’s modularized. CrafterCMS goes a step further beyond a typical API-driven architecture by modularizing the different components of the CMS, allowing us to implement only the tools that best fit our clients’ unique needs. Two of our favorite modules are the Crafter Studio for authoring and the Crafter Engine for deploying content.

It’s open source, which allows us to customize CrafterCMS even further to best fit our client’s needs.

It's Fast!

CrafterCMS’s headless, API-driven format allows us to implement a solution that meets the needs of multiple users. The headless architecture enables the CMS to find content from a central repository and serve it up quickly when required. Fast-loading content makes for a happy digital marketing team and more importantly, a happy customer. To top it off, CrafterCMS is designed using a serverless architecture, meaning these performance benefits are available straight out of the box without extra management required by our clients’ engineering teams.

It's Simple!

Your content creation team will love it! While we love to nerd out on headless architecture, we acknowledge that our clients’ content creation teams may not be as interested. A headless CMS separates the authoring of the content from its presentation, allowing for maximum customization and innovation during the content creation phase. However, an important downside to typical headless platforms is that there are no page templates or built-in UI tools that most content creators are familiar with and expect to be able to use, which can result in content taking longer to create.

CrafterCMS solves this problem by including web-based content authoring and management tools by default (as of CrafterCMS version 4.0.0), keeping the process and publishing power the same for content creators on the front end without sacrificing delivery flexibility on the back end… which is an amazing detail!

Your engineering team will love it! The headless, serverless, API-driven architecture means that our client’s engineering team can focus less on server & tech stack management and more on building features and integrations that address our clients’ business needs.

CrafterCMS Provides Best-in-Breed Support!

Need additional support? CrafterCMS offers customizeable enterprise-level services such as support subscriptions and hosting solutions, so our customers will never be going it alone even after we have helped them complete the initial implementation. In short, CrafterCMS has all the tools needed for us to create a tailored solution for our client’s needs while also setting them up for success in the future.

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