Adobe Support Customer Data Access Consent For Commerce Cloud Customers

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Adobe Support has a relatively new prerequisite for providing assistance called Adobe Support Customer Data Access Consent.

A few days ago, we ran into a deployment issue for one of our Adobe Commerce Cloud clients.  After much debugging and not getting anywhere, we realized that we needed help from the Adobe Support team. So, we did our usual thing in this sort of situation – logged into Adobe Commerce Cloud using our Adobe account and opened a support ticket.

About a day later, we got the following response from Support:

The issue/s described in this support request will require Adobe Commerce Customer Engineering to access your data in order to investigate the issue.

Please review the article below and have the account owner update this support request confirming that we have permission to access your data in order to troubleshoot any issues/tickets that might require it per our data access and privacy policy.

Please note: The account owner can provide data access consent for future tickets by managing this setting as shown in the article above.

This was the first time we’d ever been asked for something like this from the Adobe Support team. Additionally, the Support team wasn’t willing to actually look into this issue at all unless they were explicitly given access to data on the account.

We took a look at the article they referenced and responded asking them if this was a new requirement (it is). We also pointed out that this was an issue in a development environment where there was no sensitive data and that it happened during a deployment so it didn’t even appear to be related to data.
Based on the response from support, it looks like this is relatively new.

Unfortunately, this happened over a weekend so we needed to bug our client (as they’re the account owner) in order to grant Adobe Support the appropriate access. Agencies, like us, cannot grant this access on behalf of our clients.

Of course, once access was granted, the ticket was immediately handed over to the Adobe Cloud infrastructure team, after which it was determined that there was an issue with our Cloud environment hitting the database. As far as we can tell, the Adobe Support team didn’t even need to access sensitive data when debugging this issue, yet they required permission before even working the ticket.

Overall, this new requirement resulted in us losing several days on this ticket since we needed to circle back with our client then back with Support even before Adobe could figure out how to route the ticket.

If you’re on Adobe Commerce Cloud or supporting a client that is, you may want to proactively grant Adobe Support customer data access consent (details here) in order to save time in the future when you need support to jump on something quickly.

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