White Paper Explains Web Experience Management

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Our friends at Crafter Software have authored an excellent white paper explaining how Web Experience Management is changing the content management landscape.  Building and Optimizing Multi-Channel Web Experiences discusses what “Web 3.0” means from a consumer’s perspective and lays out the key principles of web experience management.  This paper is an excellent resource for anyone worried about how to enable business users to quickly deliver personalized, targeted information to customers — appropriately crafted for whatever device they happen to be using.

Blue Fish is a fan of Crafter Studio and Crafter Engine for lots of reasons, but mostly because these products do a great job of addressing the problems our clients have struggled with for years. Plus, Crafter provides more than competing platforms because it has more flexibility, more openness and a much lower investment.

Please let me know what you think of this paper and if you ever have any questions about Crafter Studio or Crafter Engine, please get in touch any time.

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