TEA replaces end-of-life FileNet with scalable Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System

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Texas Education Agency is responsible for the oversight of public primary and secondary education in the state of Texas. It supports 2,000+ individual school districts and charter schools in Texas. They approached ArgonDigital to get help replacing an expensive legacy enterprise content management (ECM) system that had reached its end of life. They were using a legacy FileNet Content Services application that stored over 2 Million records, but was no longer meeting their needs.

Replacing the legacy ECM system is clearly no small undertaking. The system housed a large amount of mission critical content. There were over 10 integrations to the existing ECM application and over 30 different stakeholder groups that used it. To make things even more interesting, the deadline to turn-off the legacy system was non-negotiable. These challenges meant zero room for errors.

After many elicitation sessions, lots of market research, and some visual modeling of the requirements, ArgonDigital was able to recommend a solution – Alfresco. Alfresco was a strong solution choice for their new content management system due its records management and workflow capabilities. Combined with a custom set of RESTful Web Services and .NET Services Layer with .NET Client Components, Alfresco offered the speed and agility to allow seamless and rapid integration with other legacy applications.

The results were exciting. The Alfresco implementation met compliance criteria for all security standards and record retention policies. From an infrastructure perspective, there was a 10x reduction in the number of servers required to maintain the solution. The agency was able to efficiently and consistently respond to Public Information Requests. And most importantly, ArgonDigital completed the migration and turned off the legacy system on time and on budget. Since then the system has continued to grow and expand as the TEA has added more use cases, many focused around the digitization of documents previously stored as paper records.

The success of this program is a testament to the strong partnership between ArgonDigital and TEA over the years. If you’d like to hear more about this or similar solutions, email us at info@argondigital.com.

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