EMC World 2010 – Bas Ursem is a Rock Star

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I just finished attending Bas Ursem’s presentation on how Solvay Pharmaceuticals (now Abbot) migrated from a legacy Documentum system into a new Documentum/SharePoint system. This was the first project to use Migration Workbench, and Bas told the story of how they used a combination of process and technology to overcome some steep migration challenges.

The room was full of people from life sciences companies, and they seemed to hang on every word. EMC World doesn’t have very many presentations like this on real-world case studies, and from what I saw, there is incredible demand for them. Attendees really want to hear and talk to companies that have been through these types of projects before. We are all hoping EMC gets the message and includes more case study presentations in the future.

Bas is a great speaker. He was able to turn a detailed presentation about migrating regulated pharmaceutical content into a fun and interesting session. At the end of the session, Bas rewarded folks that asked questions by giving them “goodies” that he had brought over from The Netherlands (one was a toy bus that fit the theme of the presentation, and the other was a bottle opener in the shape of a Dutch wooden shoe).

If you weren’t able to make it to EMC World, or If you were there but missed his session, you can catch an “encore presentation” of Bas’ session in June. Bas will be repeating his presentation on a webinar that you can stream over the Internet. If you are interested in seeing it, or you want to share it with a colleague, you can click here to register for Solvay Pharmaceuticals: Extreme Migration Makeover! on June 9th.

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