Join us at 3 PM CST on Thursday,  September 30th for Website Roasts!

The Great B2B Ecommerce Website Roast

Join us as we take YOUR websites and hand out our burning advice in real time on where your site is lacking, and how to improve it. We come in cold, but we bring all the heat. Get a fresh set of eyes on your site and watch as our Marketing Automation and Creative Solutions experts point out easy fixes to take your site from lukewarm to lit.

In our time as Digital experts, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of websites (we might have made a few, but we’ll never tell). That’s why we want to apply some tough love to your website, identify areas of improvement, and provide everyone a chance to learn how to upgrade their online presence.

Not for the faint of heart! This is a fun-focused, off the cuff, flaming fast webinar designed to help everyone take a closer look at everything. Will you come out crispy or perfectly toasted?

Here are our Hosts!

Terence McDevitt

Terence is a seasoned eCommerce solution architect, responsible for designing, delivering, and managing high quality, large scale solutions for his clients. Terence leverages his 20+ years of technical consulting experience to shape the vision of solutions, provide product management services and define code development and related processes. In addition, Terence has tightly collaborated with cross-discipline team members to design and build compelling user experiences with the right technology.

Lily Herron

Lily loves marketing, and especially marketing data. She enjoys digging through spreadsheets and charts like a modern-day business archaeologist. Looking for the real story and the best opportunities to meet each businesses individual goals brings her so much joy. When she isn’t buried in marketing she is a part-time MBA student  And enjoys taking a variety of smaller courses online as well.

When not working or studying Lily can be found working with shelter dogs, including training her own. She has been training dogs for over a decade, and loves watching them learn and grow. Somehow she fits in time for a large variety of other hobbies and interests including leatherworking, brewing, herbalism, and so much more.

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