Value-driven Implementations.

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ArgonDigital helps enterprises define outcomes and use them to drive value from software implementations.

We apply Agile development approaches to help you achieve your business objectives.

Reach the Goal

Are you implementing the right features to get the value you need?

The Right Team Delivers

Do you have the diversely skilled team you need to get the implementation right?

Solution is Adopted

How do you ensure that your users or customers won’t reject the new software?

No Surprises

What risks might keep you from being within budget and schedule limits?

What to expect when working with ArgonDigital

At ArgonDigital, we use agile product management approaches on every project to help you ensure success for your business.

We start by understanding your end goal. Then we combine data analysis, competitive analysis, review of your current site/system, and requirements elicitation to craft a product vision. That product vision drives solution requirements, design, development, and deployment in small increments of value. At every step along the way, we check to make sure we’re tracking to goals. After the solution is deployed, we can help you manage the subsequent growth and optimize for the results you want.

Understand Your Goals and Revisit Often.

What outcomes do you really need from your new solution?

Purposeful Facilitation

Identify Stakeholders

Identify the people we need to work with on the project.

Define A Vision

Define a Vision

Consider your system, the competition, and what stakeholders need to get a big picture.

Identify Objectives

Identify Objectives

Document measurable outcomes and the problems standing in the way of achieving them. Look at them frequently to stay aligned.

Facilitate Discovery

Faciliate Discovery

Proactively work with stakeholders to discover and explore requirements.

Pharmacy Development Services needed custom developed software to solve a complex and massive data problem. We collaborated to deliver a solution and continue to build on it.

We know how frustrating it is when you build products that don’t meet your business goals or aren’t adopted. Read more about how we've helped others deliver value.

Case Study: Texas Supplements Implementation

We helped this nutritional health company move from selling primarily via radio ads and a call center move to selling online using ecommerce and marketing automation solutions.


Success Delivered, or We Fix It

At ArgonDigital, we know you want to knock your business goals out of the park. To do that, you need to build the right product that will be adopted and deliver value.

The problem is that it’s not easy to translate your business objectives into software features! Maybe you’re not 100% clear what you actually need. You don’t want to waste your time and money on the wrong things. Frankly, everyone ought to have confidence that their technology investment will ultimately achieve their business goals.

We understand how it feels to struggle to deliver results. That’s why ArgonDigital applies product management expertise to literally every software project we tackle so we can help you focus on value.

Here’s how it works – you can set up a call with one of our solution architects to talk about your challenges with meeting business objectives today. Together, we’ll determine if we are the right fit to help you. Then we will work with you to define your desired outcomes and develop a strategy to deliver them. When the solution is launched, we measure outcomes against those objectives and help optimize for best results!

All of this, so that you can stop wasting money on the wrong business initiatives and start hitting your business goals.

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