Webinar: Leveraging HubSpot Reporting to give Confidence in Your Marketing - In Partnership with HubSpot

Most managers and executives ask questions to figure out if marketing is working. Those questions are often going to be high-level and multi-faceted. That’s where HubSpot reporting comes in. With built in analytics – you’ll be able to answer what your team is asking without expensive custom solutions.

Here are some commonly asked questions and the reports we build to answer those:

  • What was our best marketing campaign from last year? – HubSpot Campaign Based Reporting
  • We’ve spent 20k so far this quarter and we’ve made 40k in revenue. How much of that can we attribute to ads? – Ad Reporting through HubSpot
  • How well are my contacts moving through the funnel? Is our content driving conversions? – Funnel and landing page reporting

We’ll also offer a free take-away: A copy of common marketing reporting questions and requirements.

Join us at 3 PM CST on Thursday,  May 26th!

Kevin Dyess

Kevin Dyess strategizes with & coaches marketing agency owners on how to leverage Inbound Marketing, using HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales Platforms, to grow their business. Kevin also collaborates on the right techniques and tactics to implement in agency businesses to support scale and build a repeatable, predictable business model.

Benjamin Choy

Ben 300x300

Ben is a Senior Marketing Operations Lead at ArgonDigital, working within Marketing Automation systems for the better part of 6 years. Ben’s experience with Hubspot, Salesforce and other popular Marketing Automation systems comes from a joy of examining systems, defining processes and executing high level strategy as well as boots-on-the-ground work to create a marketing engine.

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