Stop Losing Money on Sales!

Easily test all of your Magento price rules so you can be confident they’re correct

Fine Tune Your Pricing Rules

Tired of learning the hard way that your pricing rules are actually giving customers deeper discounts than you expected? Our Discounts Tester for Magento lets you test special prices and rules before launching them so you know customers are paying what they should.

Discount Tester Test Flow Diagram

Easily Create Different Price Rule Scenarios

Shopping Cart with Discounts Artwork

Test With Actual Customer Data

Choose an existing customer or create a new one for the quote (note: these quotes won’t be directly associated with a customer so they won’t see them)

Use Real Customer Addresses

Select from the customer’s address book as addresses can be considered in a rule's conditions

Configure Test Quotes As Your Customers Would

Add any number of products/quantities from the catalog to the test quote

Configure Tests Now; Use Later

Save test quotes for future scenario testing

Perform Dry Runs On Price Rules Before Launching Them

Active Rules Applied Automatically

Tests are initially run with your existing, active rules only, by default

Pick and Choose Rules To Test

Once a test is created, your inactive cart/catalog price rules can be added to the test to see their impact on pricing of the quote (rules will stay inactive so real customers won’t see them until you’re ready to activate them)

Drill Into How Rules Are Applied

Clearly see which rules are impacting which products’ prices in the cart and adjust those rules until you're getting your expected results

Validate Discount Graphic

Better Understand Pricing On Existing Orders

Pricing Detail Artwork

Stop Guessing About Prices For Orders

Debug pricing information on real orders that customers have placed

Answer "What If?" Questions

Test any existing inactive rules to see the impact these rules have on the existing order

See What The Customer Saw

Quotes are displayed in two formats - 1) The cart/checkout view that a customer would have seen and 2) a breakdown of which rules were applied when the order was created

Better Rules Visibility

Get deep understanding of how your rules are being applied; avoid giving products away or selling them at a steep discount

Test Your Upcoming Promotions

Be confident knowing that your promotions are correct before they’re activated

Support for Multiple Price Rule Types

Get a breakdown of discounts for tiered prices, special prices, catalog rules, cart price rules

Test and Debug

Run tests on your own quotes or debug existing orders to see how rules were applied

Interested in being able to have more confidence in your Magento price rules?

Provide us with some details about your implementation to learn more.

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Frequently asked questions

No. Rules will not be activated for use by the customer. Our module creates an active version of the rule that’s only valid for testing purposes

If those modules leverage Magento’s OOTB rules engine, our module may be able to consider them for testing. Otherwise, these types of modules would not be supported

No. Our module will create a temporary copy of the customer account and associate the quote to that temporary account. This way, we know we’re not impacting an actual customer account

If those orders are placed *after* the module is installed, yes. Otherwise, we don’t have complete visibility into which rules were applied for orders created before the module was installed