Streamlined Order Entry

Allow your customer service representatives to efficiently create orders outside of your Magento store.

Optimize your Magento order entry process so your CSRs can focus on what’s most important - your customers! Work with all of your store's data without having to step foot in the Magento admin. Utilize a fast, intuitive cloud-hosted standalone application that eliminates Magento’s order entry inefficiencies.

Placing Orders from the Magento Admin is NOT Great

Too many steps, too many page reloads.

There are a lot of steps as part of the order creation process within Magento. Not only many steps, but a lot of different screens. It can be a time consuming and cumbersome process between page loads.

Difficult to retrieve and utilize the data you need

Do you know every single item in your store by SKU? Do you know every single customer in you store by email address? Magento seems to expect that you do in order to apply a customer or product to a new order.

Time consuming process can take 2-5 minutes per order

In benchmarking - we found that it takes an e-commerce administrator 2-5 minutes on average to place an order in the Magento admin.  For high volume clients taking in many orders over the phone or by other means offline, this will NEVER do!

Streamline your order entry processes

Minimal steps to gather the information you need.

We believe it shouldn't take 10 steps and 3 page reloads to complete an order. We've paid very close attention to making the process of gathering required information as simple as possible.

Fast and intuitive interface that anyone can use

Time is valuable to you and your business. Don't get hung up on a slow or overly-complicated interface. Our user experience designers have tailored our application's interface to be intuitive and easy to use, for anyone and everyone.

Your catalog and customer's information, at your fingertips

It's your data, and it should be readily available when you need it. We use advanced search technology to make it easy to get access to the information in your Magento store. Find the data you need, quickly and easily using search capabilities you've learned to expect from enterprise software.

Everything you need, in the cloud.

Take the stress away of having yet another system to manage as part of your business’s ecosystem. Our application is hosted in the cloud - with a series of redundancies in place to make sure you can submit orders whenever you need to. Our standalone app is easily white-labeled and accessible at anytime, anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection and a browser available, it can be accessed from any device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, and everything in between).

Cloud offering not best suited for your organization? Please contact us to discuss alternative options.

Relevant information, at your finger tips.

Search is so important. We live in a world where everyone Google’s everything. Utilize search tools that you’re used to and have come to expect, such as auto-complete, suggested results, predictive search, typo tollerance, phonetic search, etc. Want to find a customer by their address or phone number? No problem! Want to find a product using information housed in a custom attribute? Our search will find it. Spend less time hunting down your data. Your time matters.​

Interested in being able to efficiently enter orders into your existing Magento application?

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