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Use Cases 101: Let’s Take an Uber

Use Cases 101: Let’s Take an Uber ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

I was recently asked to prepare a handout giving the basics of use cases for an upcoming training session. It struck me as odd that I needed to start from square one for a model that seemed standard. Use cases, once ubiquitous, have largely been replaced by process flows and other less text-heavy models. As […]

Going Agile: The Anatomy of a User Story

Going Agile: The Anatomy of a User Story ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

User stories, a requirements format utilized in Agile software development, are typically formatted with the following template: As a (type of user), I want (some goal), so that (some reason). This template can be modified to suit a project’s need. In this post, we’ll show how user stories themselves can be broken down into tables […]

User vs. Product Requirements

User vs. Product Requirements ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

“What is the difference between user requirements and product requirements?” The short answer is that user “requirements” often address only what the users expect they will be able to do with the system or their expectations for the functionality, performance, and quality of the product being developed.  There are often many problems with the set […]