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Prototypes and Wireframes

Prototypes and Wireframes ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

I was recently reading Scott Sehlhorst blog post on prototypes, which is a nice discussion on the value of prototypes, but also includes some of the challenges of using them.  Scott discusses how a prototype can be an invaluable tool for a product manager for elicitation and feedback in an agile environment.  He also discusses […]

Live from BAWorld: What To Do With Interfaces

Live from BAWorld: What To Do With Interfaces ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

Mary Gorman from EBG Consulting presented “Integrating Interface Analysis into your project: Just-enough, Just-in-time”. This talk was one of the advanced topics, with the intent of teaching about how to do interfaces – software, hardware, and user interfaces. I’m going to capture some summary points from her talk, either the key points or the ones […]

Diagrams 2008 Day 1 Highlights: From Models to Code (and Back)

Diagrams 2008 Day 1 Highlights: From Models to Code (and Back) ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

Today’s Keynote address, given by Wilhelm Schäfer, discussed something called Mechatronic UML: A subset of UML 2.0 with applications in industries which intersect EE and ME, and actually in use on the Railcab project. This subset of UML is used to generate code for systems in which there is heavy interaction among several different components—especially […]

Are UI Requirements Software Requirements?

Are UI Requirements Software Requirements? ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

User Interface design is often assigned responsibility for look-and-feel. While I understand the importance of UI design, I am highly dissatisfied by its reliance on “heuristics” and, frankly, the uneven quality of those who profess expertise in the subject. I submit that UI needs a haircut — that we should limit the scope of what […]

Yahoo releases “design” patterns

Yahoo releases “design” patterns ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

We have recently had a number of discussions on the messageboard about requirements patterns. The concept comes from the software design world which uses design patterns to save significant time when architecting software (See Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software ) The concept behind requirements patterns is similar with the thought there are common […]