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The Ecommerce Cannibalization Conundrum

The Ecommerce Cannibalization Conundrum All Hands In

“Don’t cut into my commissions!” your sales team pleads. It may be a dog-eat-dog world, but that doesn’t mean your online sales have to eat into your existing employee-aided deals. The question is, how can you expand your consumer base without taking transactions away from your salespeople? Everyone worries about ecommerce cannibalizing sales from their […]

How eCommerce Helps Your Sales Team

How eCommerce Helps Your Sales Team product manager jobs

B2B sales is a dynamic and data-driven discipline. To stay competitive, sales teams must employ a modern, web-integrated approach to selling. Teams operating without an e-commerce site are finding themselves overworked and uninformed in comparison to their web-enabled competition. Just as a great online experience can strengthen your customer relationships, that e-commerce platform can also […]