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Leveling Requirements

Leveling Requirements ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

I was recently asked the question. “Suboptimal leveling of requirements seems to be a recurring issue for the projects in my business group (we’ve even seen low-level mechanical dimensions specified in the system requirements). We’ve been reading through the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements characteristic “C2 – appropriate” and it briefly mentions “leveling exercises.” Could […]

Levels of abstraction when writing requirements

Levels of abstraction when writing requirements ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

ArgonDigital recently received an email from one of our clients seeking advice on levels of abstraction when stating requirements.  The email read as follows: “What are your thoughts on the use of “shall prevent” in a requirement. I believe it’s not specific enough and should state what is actually required.  For example: “The System shall […]

How Well Are Your Requirements Connected?

How Well Are Your Requirements Connected? ArgonDigital - enterprise automation experts

On our Ask the Experts page , the following question was asked: “I am a systems engineer currently involved in a complex aerospace system development.  While I was searching for some related topics on requirements management, your interesting website was pointed out. I am curious to know if you have a way of finding how […]