What do you do when your product passes UAT and fails when it’s released?

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Let’s say you’ve been engaged in a project that’s much needed by the company.

Let’s say that it has had a past filled with failure.

Let’s say that it’s on the chopping block to be cut, due to being a seemingly money pit.Epic ERP Software Fail

Let’s say that you’re on a super awesome team to turn the product around and get it released.

You were instructed to get it through UAT, at all costs. The company needs this product or it will not be able to function within a few months.

You were successful in that you followed the UAT checklist and were able to pass UAT. Now the product has been released and all you hear is grumbling that it doesn’t work and they were forced through UAT.


What do you do?

Do you roll back to your previous product? Do you have a prior product to roll back to? How much of an impact does it have to the business (if it’s an internal product)? Do you try to fix it and make people use it in the interim? Do you start over with a new project?

Have you been in a similar situation? What do you think?

Post your comments!

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