What 5 measures can you use as personal objectives?

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What 5 measures can you use as personal objectives?

On the modern analyst forum, Andrea asked the question “I have been asked to come up with 5 personal “Management Business Objectives” for myself in my position as Business Systems Analyst. I need to have them by the end of January and I can’t really come up with anything. Any suggestions? They need to be related to my position (within my sphere of influence) and they must be measurable. “


Here is my response:

We have stages of organizational maturity which includes what individuals should be doing at each level. This can give you a good idea of areas where you can find metrics.


Here are some examples of metrics that we use for our analysts. In the first year I don’t think there should be targets, there should just be a commitment to measure. Once you have a baseline you can establish an improvement program the following year. You absolutely should not be bonused on any of these, they should be a reference to help you to improve.

1) Perform an ROI analysis before and after every project

2) Measure my end user satisfaction level

3) Measure my end user adoption rate

4) Measure how many requirements defects I created

5) Measure how satisfied the development team was with my documentation

6) Measure velocity per unit of work – we have an estimating template here


You can compare yourself to the targets in each of the areas of work.

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