Two New Resources: ArgonDigital Briefing Series on Commercial Off The Shelf Software Projects and on Legacy Retirement Projects

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Two new reports are available for download on the ArgonDigital main website Resources page. Both were written for IT executives and senior BAs/CBAPs, and both focus on scenarios common in enterprise IT organizations.

The first report concerns Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) projects, and ways to reduce the risk of IT project failure in these software selection situations. The second is on Legacy Retirement and Legacy Replacement projects, and drills down into key considerations for on-time and on-budget completion.

We will be sharing these reports and other information at next week’s ACORD LOMA ISF conference in Orlando (Booth 1214), and at the SIFMA Tech Expo in NYC in June. If you work for a large insurance or financial services organization, let me know if you’ll be there – I’d love to meet you face to face! You can email me at

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