TOMORROW: Joy to Address IIBA Greater Madison, WI Chapter

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We are excited that our own Joy Beatty was asked to speak to IIBA’s Greater Madison Chapter during their March meeting. Joy will be in Madison tomorrow for the 5:30pm meeting, being held at TDS Telecom.

Her presentation, Using Business Objectives to Kill Scope and Launch Better Products, is an excellent session on the proper development and use of business objectives for a project. She will discuss how to elicit measurable business objectives and effectively describe features that contribute to those objectives; giving a result of features that can be compared quantitatively.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be in Madison to gain such useful insights to extracting and defining requirements. Spend some time perusing through our Resources Library — there are several free downloads full of benefical tips and software requirements definition information. If you prefer a more visual (and less written) approach to retaining data, you can also check out our How-to Videos.

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