Software Engineering Process Improvement

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ArgonDigital spoke at the Dallas ASEE (Association for Software Engineering Excellence) Software Engineering Process Improvement Workshop on Saturday February 24, 2007! Tony Chen, co-founder and Principal Analyst at ArgonDigital presented “Beyond the System Shall – A Journey from Good to Great Requirements”.

Mike Konrad, chairman of the CMMI Configuration Control Board, presented “CMMI Adoption Successes and Challenges”, Jill Brooks, Raytheon NCS, presented “Implementing SPC for Peer Reviews”, and Eric Wulfekammer, 7-Eleven, presented “Stage Gates Process Control Points”.

Workshop attendees posed some interesting questions about CMMI and requirements and I would like to share them with you:

-As we climb levels of Process Improvement, how do you know when you have the right amount of process?
-What kind of predictions are there for the worldwide deployment of TSP (Team Software Process) and PSP (Personal Software Process) and People CMM (People Capability Maturity Model)?
-Where and how do you get started with PI (Process Improvement)? People CMM?

Some requirements questions were:

-What was found as the root cause in analysis of project issues?
-Was communication the issue?

You can answer these questions, discuss your answers to these questions and pose new questions here on the ArgonDigital Message Board.

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