Requirements Webinar Downloads – “Tool vs. Process: Which Comes First?”

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Joy Beatty, VP Research & Development at ArgonDigital, presented a requirements webinar September 21 hosted by eDev Technologies. The webinar is part of their Requirements Leadership Forum lecture series.

Joy spoke to more than 220 people, comparing the reasons to start with the requirements process with why you might start with the requirements tool, and highlighting some non-obvious ways to think through this decision.

During “Tool vs. Process: Which Comes First?” she recommended which approach to use – tool first or process first – and followed her recommendation with tips and approaches to deal with common challenges.

A PDF of Part One of ArgonDigital’s recent requirements management tool research can be downloaded here.

You can also download a spreadsheet of the criteria, including reviews of 17 tools against 200 criteria, that is set up so you can manipulate the priorities for your own tool selection decision.

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