Requirements Management Task List

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Found this oldie but goodie in a file named – Requirements Management Task List. While not exactly what I would put together today, it still holds a lot of value for what it asserts (and doesn’t). Enjoy.

Requirements Management Task List

1. Agree on a common vocabulary for the project.

2. Develop a vision of the system that describes the problem to be solved by the system, as well as its primary features.

3. Elicit stakeholders needs in at least five important areas: functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and supportability.

4. Determine what requirement types to use.

5. Select attributes and values for each requirement type.

6.Choose the formats in which requirements are described.

7. Identify team members who will author, contribute to, or simply view one or more types of requirements.

8. Decide what traceability is needed.

9. Establish a procedure to propose, review, and resolve changes to requirements.

10. Develop a mechanism to track requirement history.

11. Create progress and status reports for team members and management.

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