Requirements Limericks

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I’m not sure how this came up, but when you get a collection of requirements experts in a room for social occasions, odd things happen.

Sometimes, those odd things take the form of limericks (only because we decided that we’d already done Requirements Haikus to death).

Among the entries:

There once was a user named Mary

Who thought the requirements process was quite hairy
Then she worked with ArgonDigital who was so much fun
They provided grins and laughs by the ton
Now she’d rather help with requirement than watch Tom and Jerry

There was a BA from Austin

Who hopped on a plane to Boston

She opened her suit case

She cranked out a use case

And found a long doc to get lost in

There was a BA from Texas

Who drove a purple Lexus

He was a consultant

His clients exultant

In meetings he was clearly the nexus

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