A Dynamic Approach to the Office Workspace

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workspaceHere at ArgonDigital, we have a unique approach to the traditional work-space seating arrangements maintained in an office. We feel this approach better facilitates collaboration and comfort in the business environment.

In every work space, there are anywhere from one to four desks; each with a laptop docking station, associated keyboard and mouse, and dual 22 inch widescreen HD monitors. The monitors themselves are fully customizable, allowing for adjustment by user preference as well as a swivel from “landscape” to “portrait” layouts. The “portrait” format is especially useful for reviewing extensive documents (like BRDs or really intricate visual models).

For all intents and purposes, these workstations are identical and equally desirable. This allows for a fluid seating arrangement, permitting quick meeting changes and spontaneous group work as needed. In other words, it is very easy to find a coworker and a room, dock your respective laptops and get to work, greatly improving efficiency in the workplace.

workspaceMoreover, there is no hierarchy of seating, which allows further coordinated work with other members of the team. It is not uncommon to see someone in a different seat from day to day, or even hour to hour, as their work (or- being in Texas- the temperature of the room itself) takes them to different workstations while cultivating morale and employee comfort.

Because we have approximately fourteen of these workstations set up in various offices, they are laid out in different configurations in the individual rooms. Every room is different, which gives employees further flexibility to choose the work environment that suits them best regarding windows, light and desk arrangement.

whiteboardEach office also has large windows, either facing outside or toward the interior of the office; a few offices have both. These windows double as outstanding whiteboards that work in conjunction with frosted whiteboards that have been installed on many walls throughout the office. Not only is the glass easy to clean and does not stain over time as a traditional composite whiteboards do, the frosted boards look sleek and clean, adding an aura of sophistication to our office.

Any of these innovations taken separately would probably not add up to the benefits they accrue when taken as a whole, but this holistic synergy is something from which the entire organization benefits. ArgonDigital’s dynamic approach allows for more work efficiency, collaboration and creative thought, and, is an office all employees can enjoy.

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