New BA Times article: Using Business Objectives to Control Scope

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ArgonDigital’s own Betsy Stockdale just had a new article published in BA Times. “Using Business Objectives to Control Scope” discusses how business analysts and business architects can use their leadership skills and powers of persuasion in eliciting business objectives.

Betsy writes, “So how do you get the business objective? Start by ensuring you understand what the business problem is by asking, ‘What is the business problem that you are trying to solve?’ Keep asking, ‘Why is that a problem?’ until you get to the money, cost or the regulatory answer. Once you get an answer that involves money, costs or compliance, you have the business problem.” And when you have this level of clarity on the business problem, you have the objectives you can use to control scope.

You can find the BA Times article at the link below – please stop by and share your comments:

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