Nest thermostat is my favorite product

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I truly love my Nest thermostat. I had a thermostat that was supposed to be internet connected, however, it never worked. It was associated with a static IP address and I always had to flip the breaker to get it to work. I was once in Chicago, wanted to turn my A/C on to a comfortable level so that when I got home my home would be nice and cool and I could get to bed. Unfortunately, that was also a day when my thermostat at the time decided that it didn’t want to be accessed through its IP address. (Yes, inanimate objects can make these types of conscious decisions!)

Then came the Nest thermostat. I got it as a gift from my family and I installed it immediately when I got home. The installation was a breeze! I’m not an electrical engineer but I was able to label the wires and put them in the right spots for this new thermostat and finish my installation in 20 minutes (time included to remove the old thermostat from the wall).  The best thing about this thermostat is that it does what it states it should: online management. A big part of the Nest marketing is helping residents cut their electrical bill by having better heat and A/C management. Although I don’t really see that side, I love that I can control it at will through my iPhone, it learns my habits, and the wall system itself is intuitive and easy to use. No more all sorts of buttons and directions that no one can follow in order to program your thermostat. After a month or so of using it, I started raving about it to my friends and family. (By the way, neither I or ArgonDigital is paid to review this product.)

All Product Managers want to develop products that have a cult-like following. The challenge with Nest will be how they figure out how to get a continuous stream of revenue. Apple does it through updating software which forces people to buy the new phone with the upgraded components. Will Nest do the same? My thermostat works and all I need it to do is manage my home’s temperature. What feature could they develop which would make me want to update the software which would force me to upgrade the product? Most homeowners don’t replace thermostats, or other home appliances, unless their current ones are broken. I’m in this boat. I’m not planning to buy another Nest unless this one breaks (and if it does so within the next couple years, I would be disappointed and potentially go to another brand).

Does anyone have a Nest thermostat? If so, do you like it?


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