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“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – Albert Einstein

My passion is requirements, but that’s not always the best party conversation – unless I want someone to move on :). When someone asks me what I do, I say “I help people do things right the first time.”  I guess it really all boils down to my core belief that if I’m going to take time doing something, I want to do my best. While I love creating requirements, I also enjoy teaching others how to do it.

I was thrilled last year when ArgonDigital acquired ArgonDigital, an industry leader in Systems Engineering who know how to train people on it better than anyone we’ve met. 

Lou Wheatcraft

Lou Wheatcraft is one of our Senior Instructors. Amongst his many community contributions, he is a member of INCOSE, Chair of the INCOSE Requirements Working Group, and a member of PMI, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Lou is one of the principal authors of the “INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements”, and has taught over 200 requirement seminars over the last 18 years. He’s worked and trained in so many different domains – automotive manufacturing, healthcare, medical devices, and aeronautical engineering to name a few. I’m fairly confident that if you want to know how to write really well-formed requirements, there isn’t a more qualified trainer. You can read more about his extensive experience here.


Recently he presented a one day training course at INCOSE NorthStar.  Check out his blog for the Top 10 Top Ten Takeaways for Writing Good Requirements.  My favorite is #3 – and I’ll make you go read it, but let me tempt you by saying – one woman’s requirements are another woman’s design.  

working women

If you want to help your teams get it right before it’s designed and built, let us know. Lou and the rest of our team are passionate about sharing ideas that work to solve your specific problems. And frankly, never do we teach a class where we don’t also learn a lot from you all – so thank you!

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