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Here we are again, live at RE’08 this time. Like every other year, we’ll try to do blog posts real-time. The exciting thing is that I have help this year, both Mike and Rob are here too!
Before we start the serious posts, let’s cover what’s happened pre-conference. We arrived in Barcelona Saturday morning and so far we have learned many new things:
  • The shortest distance to the beach is over a hill. (and for the record, the CE guy disagreed all along)
  • Mike now understands that Barcelona is IN Europe
  • The torch from the 1992 olympics is no longer lit
  • You can’t buy liquor here after 11pm
  • In a value meal at McDonald’s, you can have a beer or Coke for the same price
  • “Sin pan” is an important when traveling with me…and it brings about funny looks
  • Mister Beatty can get Coldplay tickets
  • La sexta does not mean what you might think it does
  • People have jobs related to donkeys. Who knew!
  • Rum and Fanta make a nice drink, we call it the Rum Fanta.
And in our “jet lagged” state, some stupid things have been said…
  • Wow, these buildings look like the ones I’ve seen in Europe
  • Are you using your phone to translate for the taxi driver?
  • Hey Rob, passporte means passport
  • No Mike, the people are not disappearing, it’s a magic beam
  • It’s almost like we’re in another country
  • Get Mike to look it up on his watch!
  • It’s “September”, but in Spanish Mr. Sparks that’s “Septiembre. s-e-p-t-i-e-m-b-r-e. Septiembre.”
  • I’m out of pockets, give it to Mike
  • “Oh! They do instant replay in some sport…let’s see what is that?” long pause “You mean….football?”
  • You mean Ron Paul didn’t run in the independent primary?
All of that is fun, but the highlight of the trip so far is Coldplay (and only because RE’08 hasn’t actually started yet!). We had seats in row 16, next to the stage – they could not have been any better!

After the concert, when there was no taxi to be found, we decided to follow the crowd. They were going downhill, after all! Beers in hand, we strolled through the streets of Barcelona, with a few stops along the way, rest assured we did get home again.

Cheers to an awesome first day in Barcelona, from us to you all!






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