Live from RE’08: All Done, But There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Fun!

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The conference is now over, and it’s been a great one! Now we can all look forward to RE’09 in Atlanta. But before we leave the live posts behind, I want to share a fun story about some of our favorite requirementers.

Wednesday night they had a conference reception at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (that’s National Art Museum for those that can’t read the language!). It was fun, we got to see a part of the museum even. Well after the party, we decided to go for a drink and of course invited others to go along with us. So off we headed with some of our favorite requirements experts, to find a drink in the streets of Barcelona. Along the way we managed to find some more of our favorite requirements experts wandering the streets. We found a nice little bar where we could sit outside and order cerveza and vino.

We also heard some more statements to add to the stupid thoughts list.

  • “When I got here, I only knew how to say 3 in Spanish – which meant I had to be really committed to whatever I was asking for.” Really?
  • While looking at the murals in the Romanesque Gallery, which were from various small churches, one person says “ So, then you think they moved and re-built these here?” … um, as opposed to building the museum around them?
  • And what happens when you ask a very literal person (we are at an RE conference after all!) a specific question. I was surprised to hear this person only brought one pair of shoes. So I asked “You wore your shoes on the plane then?” thinking maybe he packed a dress pair and wore another pair. His response was perfect “Well usually yes, I worry about foot fungi. I mean if it’s a long flight, I might consider taking them off, but it depends on the feeling I have at the time.” To his credit he answered the very question I asked!
  • In the context of guessing the length of the tunnel “How far are we now?”…”We’re at one..”Where did we start?”…..”Uh, zero – where else would we have started? Negative?”

And with that, thanks for the good memories RE’08 friends! We learned a lot, some about requirements, a bit about ourselves, and a lot about our colleagues.

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