Join us at REFSQ: Requirements Engineering-Foundation for Software Quality

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The 17th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ) is just around the corner.

Join us in Essen Germany March 28-30th. If you can’t make it we will have live updates fron the conference.

The Keynote speaker is Professor Neil Maiden – “Delivering Requirements Research into Practice”

Requirements research over the last 25 years has delivered numerous methods, techniques and tools. These methods, techniques and tools have been reported in requirements and software engineering journals and conferences, often with small-scale evaluations based on experiments and controlled studies. Alas few of these methods, techniques and tools have been applied to large-scale requirements problems or transferred to widespread requirements practice. This keynote will review the challenges that researchers face to apply research solutions to requirements practices. It will demonstrate how some of these challenges have been overcome with presentations of cases that show the application of requirements research on large-scale industrial projects, and reflect on how these successes were achieved. The keynote will end with proposals to deliver more requirements research into practice.

For more info or to register please check out. REFSQ 2011 website and more info coming soon, check back on our blog or follow us on Twitter.

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