Join us at IIBA with Blue Print on May 21st

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Join us at IIBA with Blue Print on May 21st: Join us Friday May 21st at our Austin IIBA chapter meeting.

Keith Barrett at Blue Print will be presenting.

Program: ‘Combined Technical, Cultural & Process-related aspects faced by Business Analysts’

 Synopsis:   The Integrated Story

No single requirement asset stands alone when telling the story that the BA is authoring. It takes a tightly integrated set of requirement assets to provide the necessary context. Ultimately by combining requirement assets such as textual requirements, use cases, process diagrams, and user interface mockups the BA writes the overall story. When these elements are all authored in different technologies and merely pieced together for printing the BA must still struggle with keeping everything tied together and synchronized. This can lead to different versions of the truth as reading a set of use cases may result in a different view of the system than say looking at a prototype or reading the textual requirements. The goal is to create a single version of the truth that properly connects and relates all the different elements of the story.

Please check out the IIBA website for more details.

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