It’s beginning to smell like the holiday season!

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It’s about that time of year now when people are thinking of what to get others as gifts during the holiday season. Each year my family does a Yankee Swap (which may also be known as a White Elephant), which means that I need to get a gift which has one requirement: $20 or less. I usually give myself other (vague) requirements, such as “must be useful”, “something I haven’t brought before”, or “something that can be transported in a suitcase easily”. All of these are very vague requirements that don’t really help me figure out what to get, so then I usually spend hours and hours thinking of what to get each year.

This year will be different. This year I have a list of requirements needed for my gift:

1. Not a food product

2. Can be used all over the country

3. Can be easily transported

4. Can be ordered through Amazon Prime (because who wants to be in a mall?)

5. Smells nice

6. Can be used by anyone, any age

7. Does not require electricity, batteries, or other source of power (even solar)


With this set of requirements for this year, I believe I have arrived at the gift that I need. Let’s see if anyone can contribute with gift ideas that fit these requirements.



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