Insurance Technology: Reducing “Buy vs. Build” risk through good requirements

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My ArgonDigital colleagues and I just attended the ACORD LOMA Insurance Technology conference. Ed Skoviak, Senior Enterprise Architect at MassMutual, was among the many people we connected with at the show. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ed, and sat in on his session, “Buy, Build or Reuse” to learn more about the “build vs. buy vs. reuse” dilemma.

Ed spoke passionately about the need for insurance technologists to create clear, complete, and succinct requirements to drive and inform build vs. buy vs. reuse decisions. Although he didn’t specify exactly how insurance technologists should create good requirements, I know Ed enjoyed the time he spent with us. And I know the requirements architects at ArgonDigital can help insurance technologists create those succinct and clear requirements needed to reduce IT “build vs. buy vs. reuse” risk for successful outcomes.

If your teams want to reduce decision risk in a “build vs. buy” evaluation, there is information on the ArgonDigital resources page about COTS projects that can help. We would love to learn about the challenges you face, and help you in any way we can.

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