How To Successfully Manage Software Requirements In A Global Organization

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Joy Beatty and Anthony Oden discuss the top questions about managing software requirements with global teams. What skills do you need to develop in your teams? What process frameworks should you put in place? What requirement tools are available and which should you consider?

Introduction to Joy and Anthony.

Joy kicks off the Webinar by giving an overview of the concept “Being Global,” and shares an example.

This section of the Webinar covers the requirements framework that must be established for all requirements activities.

Joy initiates the conversation around building requirements skills. She discusses taking into consideration what each team member brings to the table and how to tailor the learning path for each individual in the team.

Knowing how to build requirement skills and mentoring people is important to making your projects successful. Hear Anthony cover how to educate your team with the skills.

Covering the next level of the pyramid, building a framework. In this video the team discusses building a common framework: terminology, methodology and templates.

Continuing the conversation on frameworks, hear a real life example of how frameworks benefit your projects.

The third layer of the pyramid, tools, are covered in this portion of the Webinar. Joy discusses the five types of tools that ArgonDigital uses during projects.

Covering the top layer of the pyramid, this portion of the Webinar talks about measuring the success of your projects and sample outcomes you should consider.

Skills, framework, tools and metrics in the perfect world are covered in this Webinar summary video.

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